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Posted January 8

I'll apologize for not posting more park pictures.  It's been unusually cold..and WET. Still better than most parts of North America, but cool for Yuma.  And, I haven't taken as many pictures as usual.  I have seen some nice shots on some of your facebook pages.  If any of you has pictures you'd like to share on this blog, please let me know so I can post them.  Of Course, will give you the credit for your pictures.

Joe and Susan rode out to the Dairy Queen in the Foothills for a New Year's Day Chili Dog.  Was disappointed to find out that none of the Dairy Queens have hot food anymore.  But, it was a good ride.

This is a rainy day car line to get out of Mexico.  Went down to pick up a couple of things. Ran into Dale and Linda from our park and shared lunch.  I usually ride a bike down here to avoid the long lines, but it was too wet and cold today.  Spent 2 hours and 19 minutes sitting in the car until I was through the US Gate.

There is always construction going on down here.

A drive up vendor.  You drive to him, or he drives to you.  Cuts Coconuts in half and fills them with fruit and goodies.

Guard Toads

We're going back here soon and a dry day to pick up a few new yard decorations

There are over 350 Dental offices in Algodones. As well as Optical and other Specialist Doctors.

Pick up your drugs in the Quick Stop

One of many nice homes "off the beaten track" of downtown

There are a lot of vendors that work the car lines going out of Mexico

Coffee shop..and Ceramics

Love the Flamingos!!

One of the last Dental buildings as you leave Algodones.  No pictures from here, the Military and/or olice can take your camera (or phone) if they see you taking a picture near or at the border.  I don't know anyone that ever lost anything, but I have been warned...more than once :-) So, I try to be more careful now.

My friend Lanny from Sun City West and I rode out here on New Years day.  Saw a LOT of changes due to the big fire 2 years ago around Mittry Lake.  Ruined a lot of beautiful Scenery, but hopefully it will come back.
Lots of stories about this bridge.  Most are just rumors.  The real story can be found on line, Google Swastika Bridge. 

Jerry had an outstanding Jam here in the park on the 6th.  Only 8 or 9 singers/musicians, but they all did a fine job.  We had a small crowd, and everyone enjoyed it.  Please get out and support these park events, you'll like it!

Mickey is a little bashful, it's hard to get him up there.  He has a very pleasant voice, we need to hear more from him!

Seven Spanish Angles!

Jerry works hard organizing these jams. And we all enjoy his music.

My "once a year" picture on the bridge.  Usually with a different bike :-)
Jerry having an afternoon snack.  In the middle of the street :-)

The temperature eased up into the high 60's this afternoon. It should have the puddles dried up soon.  Things in the park had dust washed off the last couple of days.  There used to be a motel in Yuma that gave a free night if the sun didn't come out sometime during the day. They might have lost some money day before yesterday.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Yuma has more sun than any place in the World.  I guess most of us will stick around, in-spite of  a wet day.

Blackie, Laurie and Mickey

The rest of the pictures are of streets inside the park.  I THINK I got most of the units, tried to.  Would have been better at high noon when the sun wouldn't have been that much of a factor.  If you don't see your unit, and want it to be in here, please let me know I'll make sure it gets posted!

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