Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hippie Daze!!!!!

Was VERY disappointed that I missed the early picture taking, and the riding in the Parade, that was planned.  But....Just last night I had a call from El Centro, someone wants to give me the asking price for the blue and white Harley.  IF I will bring it over there today.  So, money talks.  I did get back in time to take some pictures of the games.

Vicki REALLY did a good job organizing with her helpers.  

Perfect outfit!

With nice hair like that, Vicki doesn't need a wig.

Anna!  A Chinese Hippie!

I probably should have asked more for the bike, and used these two pictures to advertise it :-)

All American Canal on the way to Ed Centro

Since I wasn't going to be able to make the potluck this evening, just stopped for a light lunch

Last shot of the Ultra Classic in Lynda Vista

There are over a hundred pictures so far, so won't add captions,  You know who you are.  PLEASE!!!  get you camera cards or a flash drive, or, just your camera to me so I can make up additional blogs with YOUR pictures!  It only takes a few seconds for me to get the pictures off you camera if you'll bring it by. #62.