Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28. Mid Summer in the park

Aug 28, 6 AM  The kitties are out looking for attention

Sunrise over the park

Doesn't exactly look like Winter :-).  I rode in last night.  Had cooled down to 109 from 115 plus in the Imperial Valley. Since Marlys has two good A/Cs, I stayed in her motorhome (with her permission, of course).  Except for Bob and Lynda, and Frank and Ruth, I was the only one in the park.  It was quiet!

The Conti traveling home.  Frank suffered from a slight stroke, and is on the mend.  Thankfully, he seems to be recovering fine.

Morning greeters

There were several "early birds" out looking for a work. Or something.

The Green, green, grass of home.  Looks like Mario has been watering good

Our poor little Tangelo tree doesn't look very healthy, but it has a huge crop of fruit this year.  Can't wait for these babies to get ripe!
I had been on a 3 day motorcycle trip, destination was La Mesa, CA.  Stopped in the park on my way back to Kingman.  See you around the end of October, or when y'all get here!