Thursday, December 26, 2013


Anna and Vicki.  Picture by Sue.  These ladies walk almost every morning.  The are exploring the neighborhoods around Lynda Vista.  This a nice neighborhood park along the Colorado River, just a few blocks away. 

Anna checking out the ducks in an irrigation canal that flows behind our park

A Banana plant blossom.  Beautiful!  Thanks for the pictures, Sue.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Dinner 21 Dec. 13

After dinner, some of us stayed to listen to Al and Penny.  Very good music, too bad we didn't have more people come to enjoy the entertainment.  Those that were here really had a nice show.

Marlys, one of our senior members in age and also park longevity, is looking good!  She'll be going to the Phoenix area to have another Christmas dinner with some family members there.

Dale and Linda

Not sure how many we had for dinner, but it was a large crowd. And there was PLENTY of food!

Pat and Patty from Washington just got to the park a couple days ago.  They found Lynda Vista on the internet,  Turned out they were from Longview, Washington, Ruth's home town, They knew a lot of the same people, and went to the same school.  Small world.

Strike up the band!  Bob arranged for some special music prior to eating.  Some teenagers from his church sang Christmas songs,

Micky and Laurie have been enjoying these park dinners for a lot of years. Such a pretty smile!

The tall gentleman played the piano for the singers, A school teacher friend of Bob's

Gretchen, Anna and Mario.  Why does the smallest lady had the largest plate? :-)  I know, she must be taking some back to her husband, Dutch, who is under the weather today.

Even got Darrel with a smile.  This will be a good day!

The musicians

Mario's family and friends

Since I'm watching my weight, I went a little light today.

Dale and Linda enjoying their dinner

The Birthday Girl!  Today is Val's Special Day.

We sure appreciate all the hard work Mario does to keep the park looking good and operating well.  Was nice to have his family join us today.

Mario's daughter, on the right, has been cleaning the clubhouse all season.  And a fine job she's doing. She brought a friend to dinner.  Was nice to see some young faces in with all us old folks.

Don and his lady friend

Myrna and Rene

Char, Ruth and Frank out getting a little air

What a nice laugh!

Left overs...........

More left overs..there was other tables with food left too.  No one left hungry.

Another fine Lynda Vista mean comes to an end.  Thanks to Bob and Linda, Ruth and Frank.  And all the people that helped, and brought food, and those that stayed to clean up.