Thursday, January 10, 2013

Breakfast! January 10th, 2013

Mario, Micky and Laurie are some of the first to "get around" some of the GREAT food at the Park Breakfast this morning.

Some of the cooks and set-up people have been in the club house since 5:30 this morning, preparing a feast.

This picture was from last night.  Jerry hosted a Jam in the park.  Here, Janet and Jerry are singing "Amanda".  There were lots of guests, both musicians and on-lookers.

Takes a lot of team work to keep everything going.  Ray and Val were the masterminds of the this breakfast.  They have a Soup and Salad lunch planed in the near future.

Bill is helping at one end

Lynda is waiting for Bob before she eats.  What a sweet wife!

Pat was afraid she wouldn't wake up in time, so...we did a very unusual thing.  Actually set an alarm clock!  She beat the alarm by an hour and has been over here working all morning :-)

Janet is on a diet, so she's only taking 3/4 portion of gravy :-)

Val's special gravy.  Creamy and full of flavor.

Ray is "keeper of the books".  Breakfast is $3.  They only want to take in enough to cover the cost of the food.

Jim and Katie woke up smelling food, so they remembered to come on over.

Golden fluffy biscuits!  Back in the "good old days" I could have really put a hurt on a breakfast like this!

Don and Pat are loading up Jim and Katie.

Our "Boss Man" and Lynda.  Bob is taking another break from teaching school, it's nice to have him around the park.

"More gravy please" 

Elston is the Egg Man of the day.  Looks like Betty and Val are helping.  Val is zooming around making sure the food line is full.

Lois is busy where needed too.

Nice apron there, big boy!

Don and Jo ride in from waaay back in the park.

Jerry and Jerry.  One's headed for the clubhouse, the other is looking for a snack in the dumpster :-)

Don and Gloria won't make the breakfast, they are waiting for a carpet cleaner or someone that's suppose to be at their house at 8 AM.  

Gary and Sandy made it just in time.

Jerry parked his walking stick at the door

Park Manager, Ruth, and Frank are there to support the function.  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Frank, Ruth party Jan 5, 2013

The annual Frank and Ruth BBQ.

As with other posts in the Park Blog, I won't even try to name all the names.  You, and your friends know who you are :-)  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

If you found these, you know the link is    please feel free to share it with anyone you want.

Rene...getting ready for some serious partying!

We have several park Kitties.  Here's a couple wanting some food and attention

Frank has had his BBQ/Smoker going for a several hours.  The "Park Rangers" are hanging out hoping they'll get their share.

Ruth.  Our Hostess.

Frank.  Host, Cook, and Entertainment Committee Chairman.

Jim and Katie had a prior commitment, but they got back in time to sit around a visit for awhile.

Myrna was one of the first to go through the food line.  She picked a good place to sit :-)  I think she's telling Ruth it was so good, she's going for more!

The Lady of the hour 

Laurie shared this last piece of chicken with Mickey. What a nice wife :-)

Bowser has learned he like "people food"

Looks like Jim got back just in time to catch his afternoon nap!

Don is baby sitting Bowser

It's getting late and a little cool outside. So, the 2 fire pits are fired up for the evening

Penny was later than usual getting down here this year, but she's making up for lost time.  Won't be long and she'll be losing her walker

Char and Ruth are tickled about something.  I bet it makes you smile :-)

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The sun hasn't gone down, but the fires are roaring

Jump ahead a couple of hours. The party is still going strong

Not much better than good friends enjoying a fire on a nice evening

Pam has the right idea.  She has a little warm bundle of joy.

Frank and Ruth planned ahead and collected a lot of good burning wood

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That's all folks!  Please drop me a line if you have suggestions or pictures you'd like to add.  I don't get much feedback, so it would be nice I I had an idea of how many of you take a look at the blog.
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