Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March is marching

Pat with Dale and Ev.  Slab City and Salvation Mountain are less than a hundred miles from Lynda  Vista.   Very interesting place to visit.  On the Eastern Banks of the Salton Sea

Lots of Art Cars out in the desert

One of the local residents 

A shoe tree in Slab City

A very friendly place

Dale and EV at the entrance.   

Back in the park.  More "Musical Trailers".  With people leaving for the Summer, and some buying and selling going on, it's the usual Springtime to swap spaces for those that make it work out the way they want.  It's all Supervised by Ruth, of course.  She does a fine job as Park Manager.

Lots of Chiefs and Indians. But they get the job done!
Char is celebrating Saint Patrick's Day!  Nice outfit!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Winding down

Several time a year, some residents play "musical trailers".  Buying & selling for a variety of reasons.  Usually all parties involved end up happy with the changes.  This morning, several volunteers are helping Janet move into her new Winter Home.   Right next door to Bob & Lynda, the park owners, Janet will have to "Walk the Line" :-)

A flower spike on a High Country Agave Cactus.  A field trip for some park people to see the sights and eat Apple Pie!

Downtown Julian, CA.  A popular spot for tourists from California and Arizona.  Wonderful Apple orchards in the close hill sides make the little farming/mining town famous for their Apple pies and other Bakery goods.

Jerry, Marlene, and Mickey hold up cones from a "Large Cone Pinyon Pine.   The nuts from these cones were food staple for the local natives.

Laurie got into the picture!   She and Marlene are both very "crafty" ladies, I'm sure they will do something wonderful with these cones.
Darrel & Don Spend a lot of time out here solving the World's Problems.  A nice cool place by the golf green for  daily visits.
You never know what you'll see in the Lynda Vista!  Katie is giving Jim  a haircut in the early morning sunshine!  A beautiful Saturday morning!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trip to Castle Dome City

Monday, March 5th, several people from the park visited Castle Dome City and the Museum.
A working mining town, Gold, Silver and Lead.  The ore went by mule teams down to the Colorado River near Stone Cabin, then went down to the Gulf of Mexico and through the Sea of Cortez, then up the coast to smelters in San Francisco.  Castle Dome City used to have a larger population than Yuma!

The town square.  Cabins and period items have been moved here from the 7 other mining communities near by.  Some are original from this little city 

A good picture o the Dome that the mine and the town was named after.

Like most activities in Lynda Vista, food is a focal point.

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Stay tuned for more activities pictures.  I'll mention again, if you have something you'd like to share, please let me know.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Aliens in the Park

Who IS this Alien?  Someone took over Jerry's body!  Is that a shovel in his hand?

It wasn't long before the Alien pulled the old "Tom Sawyer" trick, and soon had Dale, Ev, and Marlene doing the large share of the work :-)