Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 2. 2014

A quick trip to Yuma today.  The park is almost deserted.  Bob is preparing some areas for cement slabs for store rooms

There were 2 more little black babies following too.  I counted an even dozen.  Pretty mom and cute babies

Everything is nice and green.  Mario has leveled and seeded this spot that was torn up last Winter.  It will fill in fast.

105 degrees on our porch

Removing loose gravel and leveling up some spots

Bob and Lynda's Kitty out enjoying the sunshine and Hibiscus flowers.  Between Rolle's and Janet's units

Some more chickens out there in the lawn by the Ramada

Artichokes.  There are also some Apricot and Nectarine trees with fruit on them

Rosie, the puppy we hand fed, is now 3.5 months old, and doing well

Our friend Redd has 2 Fig Trees that are just loaded!

Yuma has new signs on Main Street. Nice. This is Early Saturday morning. The temp will hoover between 105 and 110 later this afternoon.