Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan 26, busy weekend

Garage Sale Shoppers. 
January 25th started before 7 AM at Lynda Vista with a Yard Sale.  Sorry I forgot to take any pictures of the individual selling tables.  I'll make up for it next year.  I did notice these 3 ladies walking through the park with their shopping baskets. They spent most of their time in front of Mickey's and Jerry's tables.

Mexican Fiesta at the Arizona Market place today.  From 10 'til 4 they had dancers, singers, Mariachi players and all things Colorful.  Here's just a small example.
Mostly traditional folk dances.  They were all very good

A good variety of music.  Very professional.

The dancers all seemed very happy. We like happy :-)

This sure wasn't the first time this group performed.  Very well practiced.

Beautiful colors!

In the evening, some of us went to see New Odysey. 2 guys and 30 instruments.  What a show!  Tina Turner was their to help the guys out!

A variety of music. ALL good! And some good comedy too.Notice they hands, they are sharing the instruments.  They did play all 30 that were on the stage before the show ended.

January 26.  Today is Janet's Birthday.  Also the day she organized  her 2nd annual Gospel Jam in held in the Park's Ramada.  The park supplied the hamburgers and hot dogs. Jim and Bonnie Adams brought the sound equipment and handled all the technical stuff.  Janet did a fine job as MC for the afternoon.

These horses were right next to us.  They enjoyed the dinner show.

Del and Bonnie take a turn at the mics.  Although their weren't a lot of musicians, the quality was above average.  Those that attended enjoyed the good music.

George joins the ladies in a quartet

It won't be long until these tables are full of food for the potluck that follows the music

Bob and Lynda Rolle. And their lapcat.  Bob did a LOT of work getting the area set up.  Hauled in the tables and chairs, set up the awnings, brought out the BBQ pit, hot dog cooker.  Provided coffee and punch and the meats.  They go over and beyond the call of duty to keep the residents and guests happy. No wonder the park is full!

7 Musicians.  They put on a nice program.

Looks like Dale and the Gentleman behind him are going to get in their Sunday afternoon nap, while they enjoy the singing.  Looks like Don may be dozing too.

On a trip back to the house to take out the casserole, I noticed it may be the warmest day of the new year.  Also the first day I wore short pants.  Guess Summer is on the way.

Some of the audience

More of the audience

Janet, Del, Bonnie and Jim

Marley, Pat, Idonna, and Linda

Winding down.  And the food is almost ready

Nomi and Jimmy.  Our good "across the street" neighbors.

Janey with her "20 pound cake".  There wasn't much left over!

Happy Munchers

Jimmy, Anna and Nomi

There was plenty for "seconds", and still a lot left over

Bill is enjoying a hot dog.....or two

Linda, Elston, Rod, and Dale

Bonnie and Pat.  Jim and Bonnie are so busy with singing engagments, and hosting their own Friday Gospel Sing we don't see as much of the as we'd like.  Always nice to have a few minutes to share.

It's going fast!  By time to clean up, there was just a small corner left

The Birthday girl and Dell

Roger, Gloria, Janet and Dell.  Almost time to call it a day!  And a good one it was.  A big THANKS to Bob and Lynda, and also Janet, Jim and Bonnie for making this afternoon so pleasant.  Oh...and last buy not least, all the people that brought such fine food for our fine dining!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mexico and Jerry's slab pour

Jerry's Lynda Vista Jam

The place was packed.  A good turn out from our park, as well as a lot of visitors.

Jerry and Mickey belt one out.  An exceptionally good jam tonight!
Jim & Katie went shopping for a blanket in Mexico today

Lots of "Stuff"

Modern day Mexican Serapes

It's Strawberry season!

Mexican Viagra. At least that's what the Lady that sells it calls it.

"No Water"  flower garden

Dentists, optometrists,pharmacys and Doctors make up most of the city.  Along with a lot of vendors selling clothes, decorations, jewelry and food.

Bird store

Jim is enjoying the sun while Katie gets a pedicure

There are lots of barbers and beauty shops.  We like this one the best

A common T-shirt.  This Kokopelli will be painted on the front of my motorcycle next Spring
Wind in your face sort of a day

Jerry and Marlene are visiting with Mickey and Laurie.  Ruth stopped by to straighten Jerry out :-)

January 15th.  The cement truck is in the park!  Bob is guiding him in.

Mario and his crew will help work the cement

Ruth Arrives

Jerry is sitting in the sun supervising

The "Boss" does his share, as always.

The pad will be for a new storage shed.

Won't be long and the "pour" will be complete.  The park is as full as I can remember.  Most of the regulars are here now, several new long time guests, and a few short timers that we hope decide stay or come back.  The park and the City of Yuma is just one big Festival this time of year.  We LOVE it here!