Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29, 2-13

Old Faithful!  Was Bill's turn today to have 'er blast on time! :-)
(photo by Sue)

One of several park kitties.  He's getting a drink from our cactus fountain.

Went to Yuma Nursery Supply to pick up our annual flower plants.  They have a lot of landscaping items and flowers out there.

Was hard to choose.  We picked up two of these bowls of beauty!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coffee and Donuts and Mexico!

Out at the old Greyhound swap meet.  This guy is advertising tattoos and piercing

Must be Item of the Season.  Lots of booths selling this kind of pants

Colorful purses

Monster Dog.  Thick bacon wrapped, loaded with other goodies.  And, a nice persimmon for dessert

Harp, Viola and Flute.  All from the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.  Excellent concert!

Just inside Mexico at Algodones

One of many places for a haircut

A little street color on a bright morning

A favorite place to eat

Molcas.  Nickname of the owner, Jose

The sign says, "If you don't like the food, you don't h.ave to pay".  I don't think many walk away.  Everything here is good!

More of a tourist Cantina.  Nice colors

Tuesday mornings the park has fresh donuts and coffee.

A time for visiting, eating, and if there is anything that needs to be announced, this is where it usually happens

Char, Bob, and Gretchen were there early and had the best choice of the goodies.  Of course, they are all good!

Dale is showing Linda the ropes. 

Marlys and Linda make their choice

Dale, Don, Darrel, Don, and Jo...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving PotluckB

Bob asked me it's l'd like to have the job of Park Security Guard.  I told him I would if he'd buy me this patrol bike. So far, he's dragging his feet :-)

Dale and Linda got in just in time for the Thanksgiving Potluck.  Every year, the Park owner, Robert Rolle, sponsors several activities in the club house.  It's always a time for some good visiting, and too much good food! 
Pat and Sue are getting ready to serve.  This is James and Sue's first year in the park.  She jumped in like a regular.  Good to see so many new faces in the park this year!

Speaking of regulars, I think I caught Char sneaking a sample :-)

Social hour starts at 4 PM.  Last minute preparations are made and we're about ready to serve.

We've been Wintering in the park for several years now.  These people feel more like family every year.

Do these ladies look like they're having fun?

Friends...Bill and Anna

And more friends.  Sue and Ruth

This couple arrived in the park just a couple hours ago.  How's this for a welcome!

Don is here for the first time this year too.  Beautiful huge toy hauler, a nice dog, nice Harley trike, and a nice guy.  Good addition to our family here!

Enough pictures!  Let's eat!

The boys, checking out the dessert room

This was a start.  Would you believe there was even more?

Someone missing here!  Our friend Elston wasn't feeling well, so Lois will do her best to eat his share.  Hope she took him home a plate full. And I hope I spelled his name right....:-)

Where's the food!

Gretchen and Myrna

Anna was sharing some Chinese Thanksgiving beverage.  Here we call it "White Lightning!

Dale making the rounds. 

Getting close to food time!

We had a good turn out.  There some that had other obligations today, or weren't feeling well, but more of the Park residents were here.

Mary did a fine job of making the table decorations

Dale and Linda are renting apartments in the park.  Dale is an old timer here, Linda is new...but you'd never know it.  Seems like we've know her a long time.

Reny is coming in for a landing

Thank goodness she made in down!

Ruth getting ready to have some table numbers drawn

The food line is orderly.  And there's always plenty to eat.

The Silver Fox.

Gloria, Sue, and Pat.  If you're nice to these ladies, you might get an extra large portion :-)

Pat loading up Janet's plate

These Canadians know how to make the most of a potluck!  Some fine food there!  Glad you made it here in time for the dinner!

After being served the meats and potatoes, you're on your own for all the other goodies

Chowing down

The end of the line...and there was plenty left over

Go girl go!  Sue knows how to slick up a bone!  She was one of the last to eat, was busy serving every one else.

Pat wore this apron Katie made for here last year.  We're hoping Jim and Katie will be here for the next park meal.     This will wrap up the Thanksgiving Park Dinner.  Feel free to share this blog address with friends and relatives.  A good way for them to see you during the Winter.