Saturday, November 17, 2018

Lynda Vista Thanksgiving Potluck

Just before sunup, waiting for the Balloons to lift.  The early birds get the goodies;

There they go!  Annual Yuma Balloon Festival this weekend.

The most I counted at one time in the air was 15

These birds had Grandstand seats to watch

Very beautiful.  This evening, they will all  lift together while lit up. And Glow up into the sky.

The Thanksgiving Potluck.  A good turn out, excellent food, and good visiting.  I'm only going to add very few captions, you all know who you are.

Our Park Manager, Ruth.  She cooked the turkeys in the Clubhouse ovens.  First year that Frank, her husband didn't make it.  He not feeling well, so stayed home. Missed you, Frank.

Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving, but our Owner, Bob Rolle, had a Birthday today.  he's the one drinking coffee.  He and Lynda always go all out to make the Potlucks Special Events.  We miss some of the regulars that aren't with us anymore, but Welcome all the new faces!

Pat made (among other dishes) a Mince Pie.  I didn't think anyone would eat it, but there were compliments, and none left.  OK, I was wrong again.

Willie and Sue worked very hard carving ALL the turkeys. Not an easy task for so many people.

Joan is the Chairperson of the Social Committee.  She and her husband, Lonnie, Put time and effort into these activities.  It's not easy getting everything done, and keeping all the Residents happy.  She does a most wonderful job!

Mario.   Park Maintenance, Gardener, Carpenter, Mason, and all round handy man, attended with his wife.  He Blessed our meal.

Hi Don!

This picture of Brian will get sent to Marlys. They are Special Friends.  We all miss her being here in the park. She's 94 now, and living in Montana.

Bob and Lynda.  The Birthday Boy!  I can't think of ANY Park owner that devotes so much time to working on the grounds, and doing what's necessary for the good of the residents.  They are just nice folks!

Friday, November 16, 2018


Lots of people in the park already.  The Season is  moving right along.   I'll post a few pictures, then after out Park dinner this Saturday, I'll try to get pictures of everyone that attends.

Some of us park people enjoy Mexico.  It's about 20 minutes from Lynda Vista.  There is Food! Shopping, Medications, Glasses, and, like this trip, Dentists.  Tried a new one this year.  Little more expensive but Pat was very pleased with some extensive work.
A piece of the "Old Plank Road",  One of the many places you can see a bit of History around Yuma

This section is about 15 miles West of Yuma.

Dave from Calgary.  He was able to spend a week here, not enough time to tan those glaring legs!  He and Romy will be back for Christmas.

Friday morning ride.  We have several Quads in the park. They try to get out on an adventure every week. There were 6 or 7 units rolling out this morning.

Our new neighbors, Tom and Pat, have planted grass. Makes the Doves happy!  Been going through a lot of seeds.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

1st Donuts and Coffee 2018-2019 season

Welcome back to Lynda Vista!  Tuesday, November 6, we had a good turn out for the first Donut, Coffee, and pass information get-together in the clubhouse.  Joan and to make an extra trip for MORE donuts!  Lonnie kept the coffee coming.  Everyone introduced themselves, nice to see so many new people in the park.  Anticipating a GREAT new season.  Bob is out of town on Park Business, he was missed.  Joan had some announcements, a lot of visiting was done, and everyone enjoyed the goodies.  Sorry I didn't think to take a picture, but will get back in the groove.  I did volunteer to discontinue this Blog, since the majority keeps up on the news via Facebook, but it was pretty much unanimously decided that you want to keep the blog, so I'll post updates occasionally.  Anyone reading this is welcome to share it with family and friends, it's public so you can share your Winter activities.  Just a reminder, when you look at any of the posts, when you come to the the bottom, on the right side, it usually says "older posts".   You can click on that, and the older pictures will keep coming up.
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