Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lynda Vista 2017-2018

First pictures of the Season.  Didn't keep the Blog up last year, with Facebook, most people see the important functions anyway.  Have been asked by a couple of people to continue it.  Will try to add some new pictures each week of park activities, and also pictures of people and places around Yuma where park residents go.

Our first Tuesday back. Buffalo Wild Wings, 2 fer 1.

Couldn't wait for the first pedicure of the season

Bangla, in Molcas Tacos.  Our favorite place to eat in Los Aldodones

One man Band

Always good food

Father and Daughter

Dave pulled his huge toy hauler down from Alberta and set up up in the park

Volkswagen show in Gateway Park 

Cute Yorkies, with short hair cuts

Lots of vendors and over a hundred cars

With Motorcycle friends passing through Yuma

Made a quick trip back to Kingman to pick up the Wing

We had to visit our Girls

They are in this nice Pet Cemetery near the Border

Street Tortillas.  Corn or Flour

Choices of Vanilla

Myrna is catching up Bob on the news

Ice Cream and Cake, a Birthday party for Gloria

The Guest of Honor

Janet and Ernie are popular singers at some of the music Jams in the community

Waiting for Jim and Katie

Myrna walking her pooch

A Viola-Piano Concert in a large church over on 16th Street

The town square is under renovation. This was the first day.  It will probably be finished next week

A stinky feed lot near Calipatria, California.  Rode up to a small store near Slab city to buy Chickronnes (pork skins)  Very tasty and OK for a low carb diet.

The first big Potluck of the season.  The Annual Thanksgiving dinner.  The cooks and helpers did a fine job.  Good weather. Good Food.  Good friends.  A huge thanks to Bob and Lynda, Ruth and Frank, and all who helped.  
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