Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

Dinner at Linn's in Yuma.  Needed to pick up a few things from the house in the park, so made a one night visit.  What a difference a couple of weeks can make!

All the grass is green and looking good.

The potted flowers are looking good too.  The front of the Clubhouse.

The park entry is well kept.  Mario does a fine job

A row of empty homes

A reletively cool afternoon.  Summer is on the way

Verizon has a Palm tree disquised as a cell phone tower

Beautiful blue shy.  Tonight it will hold a Special Moon

Dave and Romy will be moving this monster out in the morning.  We'll see them again in November

The pool is behind the fence.  It gets a lot of use this time of year

Dutch's very nice trailer is for sale

Bill's trailer is also for sale.  It has a lot of nice features

Some of our long time residents will remember Redd.  He lives in town now, and has this little puppy that Pat and I hand feed when she was just a few days old until she was able to make it on her own.  She's a real Sweetie.

Redd has quite a green thumb.  He's planted a lot of cactus and other plants, and they are all very healthy

A very cute dog

The park chickens are very colorful this time of year too. :-)
Since we only live about 4.5 hours from the park, we'll be making it down there several time this summer to check our trailer and say hello to those that are left. If anyone want to give an up date on their summer, send me an email and I'll post it here if you'd like.
Who's that knocking at my door.  Dave settling up until next November.  Something we all go through. :-)

April 15, and not an exceptionally warm day. This is one of the reasons why the park empties out about this time of year.

Ruth doing what Ruth does.  Among a lot of other things she does to keep the park running and making people happy

Our owner comes with very good credentials

I know he will be upset because I posted these.  A humble gentleman.  But, I think people know we are in a stable park

And anyone that doesn't miss a meeting in 6 years has proven to be stable!