Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Jam of the Season

A nice crowd, all seats were filled for Jerry's Jam. 29 Feb 12, the last one until next Fall.

Lots of talented people enjoy playing and listening.  Some from our own park, and some from others in Yuma.  You can go to a Jam somewhere almost every day.

Stay tuned for more Jam action in November!

Myrna's pictures

Char waiting for the oranges to ripen.   These next 15 pictures were given to me from Myrna, she asked to post them here.  If any others have pictures they'd like to see on the blog, please let me know.

I won't add captions to all, this is just a street inside the park.

Pool and Ramada area

Clubhouse and Laundry

Door to laundry

Our good friends and neighbors Mickey & Laurie

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Sunset over Lynda Vista.  Thanks for the pictures, Myrna!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jerry's Jam, & Pig Roast

This succulent beauty is sizzling away!  Jerry, Mickey, and others were down here at 4:30 AM getting this 140 pound porky on the spit. 

A little later this Ramada will be full of food and musicians

Charcoal, Mesquite, and air ventilation...Jerry is the expert at cooking pig.

Julie rode down here with me on the bike (about a long block)  her ears are blowing in the light breeze, but she wanted to inspect the piggy.

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