Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bob's Roast Beef/Valentines Dinner

11 Feb 12.  Robert, the park owner, likes good roast beef!  So this is our "sometimes" annual park dinner.  Big THANKS to Bob and all the people that worked to cook and serve the food.

I think we have pictures of about everyone in attendance.  I'm not going to try to get all the names on this post, afraid of leaving someone out, and if you don't see yourself, let me know and I'll try to do better next time.

Each table has a number.  Someone draws a number from Ruth's basket, and that's the order in which we are served. 

Potluck side dishes.  The Meat, potatoes and gravy are on a different table.  The desserts were in the laundry room.  (maybe to wash out the calories?)

Ruth calls Lucky 13!  The first table to be served

People bring their own tableware.  Many bring "potluck" trays.  These guys are light weights!

Going through the line

Marlene & Jerry, and Mickey & Laurie know how to bring the right size of eating plates!

Waiting for their table number to be called

The wait is never long, and people have a chance to visit  and have coffee and punch

Lucky table #2.  

We've had a couple days of above average temperatures.  Perfect for mid February!

One of the last tables to be served.  They haven't given up.

Table 2 is ready to chow down

Dale & Ev provided several gallons of Mango Punch and mixed it with 7up.  It was very good, not exactly sugar free :-)

#62 is about the closest to the club house.  Very handy to stagger home after overeating :-)

The dessert table is a dangerous place

Anna is learning fast about enjoying these potluck dinners!

Since it's close to Valentine's Day, this cake is not only beautiful and tasty, but appropriate for the table

It was all good! I can testify that the strawberry pie and brownie was delicious!

Marlene carries the heavy dishes home, Jerry is able to  carry himself! :-)

Dale & Ev going to bottle up left over punch (or, maybe bottle up some left over gravy for lunch tomorrow )  <G>.  This was another great meal with good friends in Lynda Vista.  We're all fortunate to be here to enjoy the fellowship, fun, and perfect weather.

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