Saturday, March 10, 2018

7th Annual Pig Roast 10 March 2018

 7th Annual Pig Roast.  This year, Pete and Vicki were the driving force for this "almost the end of the season" activity.  Takes a lot of time and work of many people to put this together.  Bob and Lynda, the park owners, bought the Pig and Cake.  The food was pot luck.  Steve provided and served many Margaritas.  Helpers set up the tables, chairs, awnings, and spent many hours cooking the pig.  Bob (The Voice) Brevik provided his equipment and gave us some great music to listen to. Special Guest was Jim Rolle, Bob's brother.  We residents of the park give a hearty "Thank You" for those involved.


Brian and Loretta stopping to small the roses.  Or something.

Don and Jo

The main course

Dale doesn't want to be late!

Big Lon and Little Peanut

Bob Rolle and Joan Hunter.  Joan is the Chairman of the Activities Committee.  She has done a great job this season, but pointed out that this Pig Roast was directed by Pete and Vicki.

Bob Brevik is a great entertainer.  We're fortunate to have him and his wife in the park.  

L and L

Bonnie and her pooch

Jim Rolle

Special dish for the "low carb" dieters

The Brothers Rolle.  The usually smiling Bob was enjoying his meal :-)

Only one more year and this cake will say 8th. Already looking forward to it!