Monday, February 29, 2016

More Pig Roast pictures

Some of these were already posted, but a lot of them were taken by our neighbor, Angie.  I borrowed them from her facebook page.

Happy Anniversary to this wonderful couple!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bob Rolle's camera pig roast

All the pictures on this post came from Bob's camera.  This is the resurfacing of the pool in the park.  Pig Roast pictures to follow...

The Pig Cooker. The guys in the park work very hard preparing the mechanical parts and getting the wood, and everything it takes to make this a huge success.

Pete is always there helping.  It's quite a project just getting the Pig on the pole for the rotisserie.  Nice to have a very strong, relatively younger man that has such a helpful attitude for everything!


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Lots of good food, good music, and lots of good visiting.  Another good one.  Thanks to the Rolle's for the Pig, Jerry for the organization, and a BUNCH of people that help work and cook.  Only a year until the next one!