Sunday, February 28, 2016

Misc. and Pig Roast 2016

We like the Date Shakes at Martha's Garden.  These first 20 pictures are of things around the area. Then, Elaine sent me 14 of Jerry's Pig Roast, an Annual Park event. Then, there are 7 other pictures of the bike ride to Julian .

All motorcycles from Lynda Vista

When we have out of town visitors, we usually take them for a meal and "look around" in Lute's Casino

Sherman and Sherman Tank.  Sad, but I'm 4 years older than the tank!  With friends that came out from Ohio for a couple of days.

A visit to Salvation Mountain, near Niland, CA

A Slab City vehicle

Dale, Ed, Linda, Pat and I went to the races

Ready to leave on the 3rd annual Valentines Day Ride

Dome Valley Hay

Next to out park we have a Palm tree disguised as a cell phone tower 

Jerry's last Jam of the season. They have all been good!


Caravan leaving on at camping trip to Slab City

Katie is in the museum

A breakfast in Algodones

National Margarita Day!

A ride to Camacho's Place. Good place to eat in the fields South West of El Cerito

Bourbon Street?  No, Jim and Katie's carport

3rd annual Fat Friday dinner.  We missed Mardi Gras do to other activities

Ready to head out to Julian, a Pie Run.

The next pictures were taken  by Elaine.  At the Jam and Pig Roast on Feb 27th.

Jerry organizes the music, buys the pig, and helps with everything. And a fine job he does!


Thanks Elaine and Jim for these Pig Roast Pictures.

Betty and Don, getting a little frisky

The next pig roast pictures will be coming from Robert Rolle's camera.
A ride to Julian

Alberta Cow Girl...Romy from space 85.

All park people.  It was a good ride and a fun day.  Too bad the season is drawing to an end...

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