Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Jerry and Jan.  The first Lynda Vista Jam of the season.  Good turn out, good music.  Jerry did a fine job of getting it all set up.

"Trucker Dave" belts one out

Jerry being the MC

Jerry and Janey

The ladies sounded good together.  Didn't count, but there was close to 20 performers tonight

Good variety of music

Jan is happy

Janet really gets with it on the Bucket Bass

Jerry sings as well as organizes

The Man

Wrapping up another Jam.  We'll be there for the next one.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

One of Pat's contributions to the dinner was her "Lemon Pie Hawaiian.  Lemon Meringue with a base of crushed pineapple, Coconut and brown sugar on the bottom crust.

People pictures.  You can pick yourselves out...Sure hope I got everyone in  picture.

Getting the "side" dishes set up. Val leads a helping hand everywhere!

Anna was busy with her camera.  Maybe I can add some of her pictures in here.....?

Final preparation are almost over..the people are ready to hear their table number called.

Time for some of the newer folk to get better acquainted.

Our host, Robert Rolle, escorts in the honored guests, Mario y Maria.  

Happy faces

Don is helping Val with the turkey.  It's a LOT of work to have everything cooked, cut up and ready to serve.  Several people had a hand it the general work, and everyone helped with a potluck item or two.

2012 is off to a slow start.  We've not seen this many empty seats in the several years we've been coming here.  Lots of reasons.  But, it's Thanksgiving, and we're all thankful for what we have and that we're here to enjoy the company, the park, and the Perfect weather!

M & M's.  Mario and his lovely wife Maria, were our honored guests.

Janey always had a pleasant smile.  Jerry is anxiously waiting for the food.

Our favorite Manager Ruth.  The food is ready, Ruth is giving instructions about who eats when :-)  It's done by drawing table numbers. 

The 2nd half of the food line.  The first is the Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, stuffing and gravy.  There is always more than enough to go around.

Since I was sitting next to Maria, I used her plate as an example of some of the food.  She was very Conservative compared to some :-)

When we bought into the park, Mickey and Laurie taught us the advantage of buying some "buffet" plates for time like this.  My "low carb" dinner.  It was excellent, and I didn't have to feel guilty afterwards.

Food is on!

From loud and boisterous, to almost dead silence.  Everyone is enjoying the food 

Frank and Ruth always do more than their share of work to make these "get-togethers" a success.  And, they always turn out GREAT!

Dutch seems to be enjoying his food.  I think he was in the Army or something :-)

Don and Gloria.  She's pretending to be using her napkin, but is really just camera shy. :-)

Don & Jo.  I see 4 BLUE eyes!

The last table to be drawn, but it looks like they still was able to find a little food left.

I think I have everyone, but will add just a few more shots.

By Christmas, we hope these tables will be full!

A happy group, all with full tummy's.

Jerry and Pat.  Jerry is chewing for the first time since getting all new teeth a couple weeks ago in Mexico.  They sure are "purty"

Bob and Lynda.  The ones that make all this possible.  Thanks!

Marlene just told Pat they had run out of dessert!  Pat is going into shock.

Actually, there was more than enough, and a lot left over.

I passed on the goodies, but Pat made up for it.  Lemon Pie, Pecan pie, and a beautiful cinnamon roll.