Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

Just finishing up the harvest in the Date Orchards.  

Marlys has been in the hospital for a few days.  She's on the mend, and will be back in the park with her friends soon!

There are 5 full time units for sale here in the park.  This is one of them.

Myrna is hugging on Mario and his wife.  He's the "all around gardener, fix-it man, and general do everything guy" in the park.  Fine people.

Could handle these names, but not going to start adding, later down there will be some I don't know well yet. :-) Hope I got a picture of everyone.

The guests are starting to arrive...hmmm, we're all guests :-)

The park furnishes the turkeys, and other things.  The rest is pot-luck. Always more than enough to go around.

Janet,Sue, and James...The last table to get their food, but it was worth the wait

Ruth, our Manager. Her husband Frank, and Nancy.

Sunset over Rolle's Lynda Vista

Volunteers cook, prepare, and serve.  All the side dishes are buffet style

Happy people!

Ray just had a hip replacement less than a month ago.  His wife, Val, had foot surgery a couple days ago.  Always good helpers in the park, we let them off the hook today.  Just glad to have them there.

Starting to set out the food,  there was a LOT more than this.

Char just got back from checking out the dessert table.  She thinks it would be a good idea to start there :-)

Each table has a number. Then the numbers are drawn to see what order you get up to get your food.  Works well that way

Don and Jo are on the wrong side of the table today!

The young lady is Mario's daughter Maria.  Today is her birthday.

Lois and Sharon are struggling over the last bottle of wine!  All in fun, they were playing a joke on non-drinker Lois :-)

Under one of those tin foil covers, is a pumpkin cheese cake.  Yum!

Social hour starts an hour before serving time.  People enjoy visiting.  Most of us have only been in the park a short time, the season is just starting

Yep...Char got her dessert!

Frank and Don make a toast

Nancy is Don's sister.  She's new in the park this year.  And does a fine job of walking George...Don's very nice little dog.

Sue getting a little mushy. :-)  As you can see, some of the old timers here, know it's a good idea to bring a BIG plate to these potlucks

This table was the last number drawn to eat, but there was no shortage of food.

The turkey, potatoes, dressing and gravy are served, but you can always ask for more.

I went pretty light today

Janet and Sue. Good friends.  This was a good "welcome back" dinner, as well as Thanksgiving. Thanks Bob and Lynda, Ruth and Frank!!!!!