Saturday, November 21, 2015

Park Thanksgiving dinner

Saturday, November 21.  The park Provides the Turkeys and the rest is Potluck,  And, LUCKY it is!  Lots of very good side dishes and desserts.  Bill and Paula brought the potatoes all the way from Nebraska (or someplace up there) prepared, cooked and mashed them.  Excellent, and Lots left over!

Mario's Son, his wife and grand kids were here to share the meal with us today.

Frank doesn't want to be in the picture, so Jacki is helping...

After the people were all eating.  Lots of goodies left over

Don and Spanky...wishing they hadn't eaten so much :-)

Our Host and Hostess...Robert and Lynda Rolle.  You couldn't find nicer people to own your Winter home.!

Jo is having a whole pie for dessert!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spanky's Salmon feed! 14 November 15

MUCH Appreciate Don and Roger for letting me use Truck and Trailer to deliver this Mule.  Lots of confusion with the Buyer, having a language and telephone barrier. But, it would have been a lot more difficult if these good men hadn't let me use their equipment!

Scott (Spanky) caught some Salmon in the Pacific Ocean, and sent it down to Bob and Lynda to keep frozen.  Then, he organized and did  a lot of the cooking for this Feast!  Thanks for all that helped make this possible.  Scott, as well as the Park, and all the GREAT cooks that brought food to the Potluck.  No one went away hungry!  We love Lynda Vista!!!

Salmon...baked or grilled.  As well as coconut shrimp. And ALL the trimmings.  And, it's only a week until the Park Thanksgiving dinner. This was good training to get all this food down!

Frank and Ruth, are enjoying a meal with Jackie, Doug, and Tom.

OK.  Not going to add names to everyone. But, you know who you are :-)

It was VERY nice to see Lynda out enjoying the sunshine!

Scotty. Our Host of the Day.  And cook.  And, all around good guy!

Marlys went easy on the food....just some salmon. But, she's doing a fine job on the dessert!   When you're 91 years old, you can eat just about anything you want :-)

Looks like it's 2 PM.  You know it's PM, because the sun is out.  You don't need a watch in Lynda Vista.

A big Dove, sitting in watch over the park.