Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday afternoon November 10th

85 pleasant degrees.  Fruit hanging on the trees.  Friendly faces and good music.  What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon.

Jerry is the music director in the park.  He does an outstanding job organizing Jams and occasional "sings". We have some fine talent in the park, and, sometimes guests join in that add to the music.  This was a little impromtu sing this afternoon.  Since Jerry sold his park model and moved across the street, we can't hear them well from out porch anymore.  Move back, Jerry!

Fisher's Landing at Martinez Lake.  This is about 40 miles North of Yuma
When it's busy on the water, you can buy food off this boat
Rode up there with Scotty from the park.  There are several motorcycle here during the Winter, but none are loud and obnoxious.  Quiet little street bikes, couple of large trikes, and very quiet Gold Wings.
You can rent boats here on the Colorado River
Edger the Egret paid us a visit
Very nice visitors center here.  Wild life and lots of excellent displays.  Well worth the short trip.
They are trying to replace the non-native Salt Cedars with Native Cottonwoods.  The Colorado River flows right down through through all that greenery
Old Mines, Petroglyphs, and wild life abound
This is the North entrance to the US Army Yuma Proving Grounds

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