Monday, January 6, 2014

Soup and Salad Lunch

January 6th.  Soup and salad lunch.  A good turn out, and LOTS of wonderful soups and side dishes.

As usual, we started right on time.  Bob made some short park announcements, and we dug in!

Potluck food items, and ALL real good.  Bob wants to put together a park recipe book, so everyone is encouraged to share their recipes.  It would be hard to choose which was the best soup.

I think there were 8 soups.  And not small containers, either!

I wanted to start out with a small bowl of Pozole, then try another. But....the Pozole was sooooo good, I just had to have more, so never got to try any of the others, even though they all looked good.

I forgot to take a plate. After finishing my bowl (s) of soup, I put in a small piece of pie for to save for Pat.  She was doing Hospice work today, so couldn't be here to enjoy the goodies.

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