Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19th in the park

DD & Pebbles arriveThere are 2 beautiful motorcycles in the 12' garage in the back of the "Toy Hauler"

43.5 feet.  It's going in.

They have nice neighbors...By the Way, there's a story behind this sign.  You'll have to ask Bob or Linda Rolle what it's all about :-)

The rig is in for the next few months.  Pete and Jack were big helps in get it lined up.

These "Windy" guys are practicing for the Christmas party.  They are sounding good!

A lonesome motorhome.  Elston and Lois let it all alone while they returned to Utah for Christmas.  Can't understand why anyone would leave this weather to head for the cold and snow.   Wellll, maybe family has something to do with it. :-)

Friends and neighbors now!  This couple had to wait until Dave turned 55 to move in. They have been visiting us every year since we've been here.  This is the first time they arrived that it wasn't raining.

Laurie and Rene.  We have such NICE people in Rolle's Lynda Vista!

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