Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13 January 2016

Snapped this picture of an old Cell Block at the Yuma Territorial Prison

11 Different kinds of soup at the potluck today.  Alone with Desserts and Salads.  It was all wonderful!

These potlucks are popular in the park.  We had a good turn out, in-spite of another activity in the park today. So much to do, you  have to pick and choose! 

Good Soup, Salads and Desserts, as well as some good visiting.

Char is a tall lady.  Keith is taller. :-)

Our park neighbor, Jim, has been working on this bow for a few days.  It turned out perfect, smooth as glass.  He's already shot it, and nailed a bullseye!

String guide.  The fit and finish on this bow is fantastic!

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