Friday, December 5, 2014

December 2015

A new "all you can (or should) eat buffet in Yuma!
Just a few pictures for this post.   People are still coming into the park.  The weather has been perfect for the most part.  The City is getting into the Holiday Swing, with lots of activities.  Will be nice when all the regulars come rolling back to Lynda Vista!

Our favorite place to eat in Algodones.  There are a LOT of places, but we've been going to this one for several years.  Never a bad meal.

The entrance to Molcas Tacos.

Many of you will remember Idonna.  She had a nice park model here in Lynda Vista.  She sold it, but is back in town and just had her 80th birthday party!

She bought a larger place over in Mesa Verde.

Bob and Lynda have Green Thumbs.  Beautiful Hibiscus in their yard.  Of course, Janet shares them too.

Mario is welcoming Marlys back into the park. She's looking good!  This is her first day back after major surgery and 3 weeks in the hospital and rehab.  So good to have her back!

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