Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Dinner, etc.

After sitting the Yuma heat and dust all summer, Jim & Katie are making it look like new again.

Right outside the park driveway, we have a nicely decorated home

Dave is relaxing before the big Saturday evening dinner

At the dinner.  Very few captions are necessary.....

Janet and Anna.  Anna can still wear her beautiful wedding dress!

They have to be looking at a phone

We had two trays of Jalapeno Poppers today.  Both kinds were excellent!

Since we have some new people in the park, we're starting some new traditions!  There was plenty of food to go around.

Bob is checking if it's time to start dishing it up!

Our special guests.  Mario and Maria...

A nice center piece for the "biker" table

Host and Hostess.  The best Park Owners in Yuma County!  Bob and Lynda.

The most senior, and one of the newest full time Winter residents.  Marlys is 90 years old and had been coming here for over 20 years.  Susan is here because she had an old husband. :-)  It is her 2nd year here, and the first year of a permanent unit. And they are both beautiful ladies!

Thought Susan (Zmean1) was going a little light....but....this was only her first plate :-)

Outside the clubhouse door during dinner

A couple days ago.  First time we've seen fog in Yuma

Pete and Dave

Romy is the prettiest South African in our Park!

A big thanks to everyone that helped and to the cooks that provided the food.  And, as always, to Bob & Lynda, and our managers Frank & Ruth.  Without them we would be here doing all this fun stuff.   I did take a lot more pictures, but didn't post the more blurry ones. This give you a good idea of the day, anyway.  Thank for taking the time to get this far :-)
Sherm Acord, Space 62

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