Monday, December 9, 2019

Early December 2019

Inside the Texas Roadhouse.  Several years ago, Marlys was with us at this table.  A good memory.

Dale, Linda and Pat.  We're all having the 10 buck steak with sides.  Everyone liked what they ordered.

Typical Yuma parking lot

225 pounds of 8 year old puppy.  I was on the scooter, pulled over and asked if I could take a picture of this fine animal.

One of Santa's elves.  Ringing her bell in one hand, texting Santa with the other.

We brought this inside until the painting is over

This used to be the Omega.  In a motel.  Now, it's a Ramada Inn, and a new restaurant.

Large and clean.  It was between Breakfast and lunch, not a lot of customers

Our food was excellent

The bill is presented inside an old book,  They have a LOT of old books for this.  A nice idea.

Our neighbor, Jim, (vroc Wrong Turn) is in a rehab for a few days, after back surgery.  This beautiful Bougainvillea is just outside the door.

Linda, Pat, Laurie and Dale.  We went to the Mesa Verde Jam.  It was early, all seats eventually filled up

Every week it's a little different.  This was an especially enjoyable evening 

The lead Guitar player also played this small accordion. A large percentage of the Singers and Players are Canadians 

3 Color Christmas Cactus just keep getting more blooms

Inside Molcas Tacos.  Another great breakfast

Jose know how to marinate and grill chicken?

A "Before" shot.  Tomorrow it should look different.
7 large bales like this came out of the field behind it.  Across from the US Marine Corp Air Station

Raw, just picked

Some on the ground, lots still left in the field

It's been a good years for Cotton in the Yuma Valley

Last picture of our "Little Tin Box in the Desert". While it's this color.

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