Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Dinner 2018

Another outstanding Dinner.  A good crowd, and as usual, much food left over.  I won't add captions to these pictures, but want to add Special Thanks for all those that put so much effort into a meal like this.  Bob, for supplying the ham, and everything that goes into misc expenses.  And of course all the great food supplied by the park residents.  Special thanks to Joan, and hubby Lon, for all they do with the Social Directing.  Also to Willy and Sue for the carving.  Having been involved with this a few times, I can appreciate the time consuming and difficult job of getting the meats ready.  Of course those that helped set up, and clean up and put everything away when it's over.  And, back to the top of the list:  Bob and Lynda, and Ruth and Frank.  These occasions wouldn't happen without so many willing people.  We're all  Happy to be right here in Sunny Lynda Vista!

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