Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. 6th post

Ev Hanson, a long time Winter resident of Rolle's Lynda Vista, passed away this morning, December 6th.  She was in Canada with her husband, Dale.  It had been a long battle with cancer.  We'll all miss Ev.

It's that time of year.  A lot of the residents are "lighting up"

Many varieties of lettuce is growing quickly.  Lots has already been harvested

A field of large Cauliflower

Harvesting Lettuce

A good cotton crop this year.  Most of it has already been harvested

Read a lot of funny captions at the Bard Retail Store in Old Town...then,

The first day of the Old Town Farmers market was this week.  

Nice fresh produce

Some of our park residents are getting the full demo...

A sign at the Farmer's Market.

Back entry to Lute's Casino

Julieanna's, a popular eating place, has parrots, peacocks, and other exotic birds that roam around the tables

Some of the houses in town are already lit up

Sherm at one of the produce stands on Hwy 95.  Good veggies and low prices

Jerry hosts the 2nd Jam of the Season.

Elston and Lois at the Jam.  It was sort of dark back in the corner where they were sitting, so the colors came out a little off

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