Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday donuts and Misc pictures 24 January

We do have Hibiscus in Lynda Vista.  Actually, this one is down town Yuma, but there are some just as nice right here in the park!

Tuesday morning Donuts!  A social time.

Will post without names.  Because.....1. I may unintentionally  leave someone out , or 2. I may not know your name, or 3. I may misspell it even if I do know it.  So, I'll just post the pictures, you know who you are :-)

Along with the donuts, we have some announcements about park events.  But, they are short and sweet. :-)

Robert Rolle.  Sitting in the center here.  Just "one of the guys", but  he IS the owner of the park  We appreciate him a lot.

3 lonely left over donuts!

There's always "sun" at Lynda Vista!

2012 hasn't been the best year for citrus fruit here in the park, but, even at that, it's still plentiful.  Here's one of the several nice Grapefruit trees

Orange trees and Tangelos are abundant

We have lots of shade and green grass in the park.

"Jammin' Jerry" and Marlene hosting an outside sing and eat.

Jim & Katie enjoying the February sunshine.

This porch and absorbed a lot of good music!

Mickey and Jerry bellow it out, while Rod plays his Lead Guitar.

Jim can still carry a tune with the best of them.

The fun doesn't stop when it gets dark.  You just put on a sweater and keep going.

2 of my close neighbors.  Katie next door and Jerry across the street.

Bob spent a lot of time and money coming up with a new office last summer.  He's almost finished with the project.  Lookin' good, Bob!

Sunrise over Lynda Vista. January 21, 2012.
Blue skies and tangelos!  Nice combination

January 30, 2012 this will be happening again!  The annual Mardi Gras Parade will take place here in the park, followed by lots of goodies at the Ramada.  I'll miss it, have an appointment in Tucson.  Expect Jim & Katie will be taking some outstanding pictures to add to the blog.  Again, I won't name names, hope you enjoy the pictures, and have some nice memories.

This pretty bird was very noisy.  He was keeping watch over the decoration area for the parade.

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